If you're using Cloud Retailer, you're using some of the most secure credit card processing technology available, and all of that security does come with some downsides.  One of those downsides is that ALL credit card data must pass through the payment terminal and can never touch a standard computer - that's how hackers are able to get at the data (by installing viruses, etc on your PC).


To enter a credit card information on a PAX s300 or mt30 terminal follow the steps below: 

Here’s a video on how to do this (start at 4:45 minutes).

1. Ring up the transaction like you would normally and tender to "Credit Card"

2. Once you see Tap, Swipe, or Insert card on the terminal screen start typing the number of the credit card. 

Note: This must be physically entered on the terminal.

            01-ManualTypeCardNumber.jpg                02-ManualTypeCardNumber.jpg


3. It will ask you a series of questions regarding information pertaining to the card.


Be aware that the processing company will see this as a "Card Not Present" and you will be charged a higher processing fee. However you can reduce this amount by entering the most amount of information that you can. The terminal will ask you the following information. 

Most of the following can be bypassed by hitting the green button on the pin pad terminal. The minimum you are required to enter is the CVV.


1.    Expiration Date


2.    Order Number


3.    CVV Number


4.    Address

 : Only the street number is required for the Address. Example 1234 Any St = ONLY enter “1234.


5.    Zip Code