If you're looking for information on the payment terminals we support and other general questions about credit card processing with Cloud Retailer here's our FAQ.

If you have a terminal go back or are wanting to switch processors you need the payment terminal to be configured in advance.  It should be tested by the payment processor or configuration authority by running and settling real transactions BEFORE you attempt to install it on Cloud Retailer.


Here's the process for swapping a terminal out.
  1. The payment terminal MUST have a static IP address.  If configured with a DHCP address (where the location of the payment terminal on the network changes) it will appear to work one day and then on another quit connecting.  You must know the IP address of the terminal prior to beginning this process.
  2. The IP address MUST be outside the DHCP range of the network.  This is networking 101 terminology - if this sounds like Greek to you, you should engage RITE in assisting with the deployment of the terminal.
  3. Go into the back office > admin > device / register list > find the POS station that you're wanting to connect the payment terminal to and open its properties.  Find the attribute called "PAX Destination IP" and insert the IP address value mentioned in step 1.  The PAX Destination port is typically 10009.  The PAX Timeout should typically be left empty.
  4. Close the POS software and reopen.  When it starts, it will attempt to connect to the payment terminal.  If it tells you, it cannot - you have a networking issue.  This is a general IT problem and not a problem with the POS.  Here again, consider engaging RITE if you experience this problem.  You should be able to "ping" the payment terminal on the network (again - a networking 101 type activity).
  5. If you are able to connect to the payment terminal you need to do a test transaction.  You must run the following tests:
    1. If you're processing debit - attempt one.  One or two cent transactions is fine.  Do NOT void any of these transactions.
    2. If you're processing EBT/food stamps - attempt one.
    3. Run a credit card transaction for one or two cents.  Make it a different amount than the other two transactions.
    4. Settle the transactions.
    5. Call the credit card company and confirm that they see not only the transactions but also the settlement.  Have them confirm that all the money is going where it's supposed to go.  This step is absolutely critical before you start using it with real customers.  If they cannot see transactions stop and figure out what is going on until you continue forward.
Some processors auto settle at the end of the day so 5.5 may not be possible but you do still need them to confirm everything else looks as expected.  Relate: https://helpdesk.card-defender.com/a/solutions/articles/67000669557?portalId=67000084489