This article lays out which processing platforms/partners we support and/or are certified with.


  • North American Bancard (NAB)
  • TSYS
  • Heartland Payment Systems
  • First Data - Rapid Connect / Nashville

Click here for a full list of Supported Payment Processors/Merchant Services Companies and Supported Payment Terminals

NOTE: We DO NOT allow mixing of “front ends” and “back ends” – for example: using TSYS as a payment processing front end for Worldpay. This is not supported and has been known to create issues for the retailer.

If you are changing your processor

There is some technical work we will have to schedule with you for your Card Defender credit card integration to switch your processing - what we refer to as a "VAR change". For more information, see: I'm changing processors, what do I need to know?

Supporting credit card processing is the single most expensive support cost for our customers.  

Swapping out terminals, switching technical parameters as per the request of the card companies, testing changes, and issues with a rouge credit card transaction or a batch.  Not to mention the routine testing that we must do for each and every processor we support every time we update the Cloud Retailer code AND the fees we pay to maintain PCI Compliance AND the security audits and testing we undergo to ensure your card data is safe!  It's a big deal.  Huge costs.

In order to offset these costs we charge $390 to work with the merchant to coordinate the work, change all the parameters in the terminal, test that the money is going where it's supposed to, and schedule a go-live.  There is a  marginal charge of $50 per month per POS to support the integration on an ongoing basis for a non-RITE payment processor.  

Compare this to Lightspeed - which is a publicly traded POS company for small retailers: $18700 per month! 

Or most other POS companies - which give retailers NO CHOICE but to use their processor.  That beer at the football game was a steal of a deal... not!  That prescription medication that will save your life was super cheap.. said nobody ever.  When's the last time you were getting a good deal when you had no choice??

Changing processors/merchant services can be expensive!  Make sure the deal you are being offered is worth it.

Did you know that we offer multiple ways to reduce or eliminate both upfront and ongoing fees for changing processors/merchant services companies?  Don't miss out on your chance to save some money.

You may qualify for some or all of the following:
  • No change fee (normally $390)
  • Waiving of ongoing monthly fees (normally $50 a month per terminal)
  • Free payment terminals with lifetime warranties (normally $490/terminal)
  • 4 free hours of premium support services every 90 days (normally $672)
  • 98% reduction in the fees that you are currently paying for credit card processing/merchant services (Look at your last statement - if you paid $2000 in credit card processing/merchant services fees last month, then your next statement could only be $100).  Learn more about Dual Pricing to get your fees back by clicking here.

Contact our team at sales@rite.us or 888-267-7483 to see if you qualify or visit https://www.cloudretailer.com/dualprice-pos/ to learn more and self-schedule time to chat with us