This article will walk you through how to change the Signature Threshold settings in Electronic Payments for Microsoft RMS. 


  1. Click on the start menu 

  2. Navigate to the RITE folder (This WILL be different based on the Operating System they are using)

  3. Click on the RITE folder then RITE Electronic Payments

  4. Click on the RITE Electronic Payments application to open it.

  5. They can login into the program with the same log in that they use to log in to RMS POS or Manager. It is the same username and password.
  6. Have them click on the “Tender Details” tab. 
    NOTE: They should NOT change anything else except for the threshold on this tab or it can prevent things from working as expected. 

  7. They can change the threshold to whatever they are comfortable with and whatever TSYS allows for no signature.
  8. Click save then OK on the popup that says everything has been saved successfully.

  9. Click Exit on the Electronic Payment Settings window.

  10. They should close the POS and reopen it for the changes to take effect.

Special Note: Sales of Card Defender for Microsoft RMS have ended unless you are a beer, wine, or liquor store who is planning on moving to the Cloud Retailer point of sale software in the near future.