Cloud Retailer has the ability to search for a PAX payment terminal by using the serial number instead of the IP address.  If your POS is connecting to the wrong payment terminal, you can correct this by updating the register's PAX Destination IP/Serial number field from the payment terminal's IP address to its serial number.


  1. In the back office, navigate to Admin -> Device / Register list
  2. Select the register that is connecting to the wrong payment terminal
  3. Click Edit Selected Register(s) or double-click on the row in the report
  4. Navigate to the PAX Destination IP/Serial number field and delete the IP address
  5. Find the serial number on the back of the correct terminal connected to this register
  6. Update the PAX Destination IP/Serial number field 
  7. Click Save
  8. On the register, sync Cloud Retailer
  9. Restart Cloud Retailer


Average Time to Complete