There are two different methods of processing credit cards, host based and terminal based processing.  Host based means the host (the credit card company) has control over the process of settling transaction and terminal based means the physical terminal has control over the settlement process.   The settlement process is when you are requesting payment for the credit cards taken during the course of the day.

    If you are using a "terminal based" processor like TSYS or Heartland, then when you tell the system to settle the batch, that is when money starts moving on the back end.  If you're using a "host based" system, the credit card processor schedules that process (typically in the middle of the night).  You do still need to execute the settlement function on the payment terminals with host based systems but, in these cases it's more to simply clear transactions out of the terminal and to do a comparison between the POS and the credit card transaction to ensure no problems occurred though it does not actually execute a true batch settlement as far as the credit card company is concerned.

If you are processing with First Data which uses "host based" technology, Card Defender (Microsoft RMS / RMH / Cloud Retailer) / RITE has no control over when your credit cards settle, it's entirely controlled on the credit card processors end.  We've seen issues where batches get settled hourly or at an odd time with First Data and after a lot of fighting it seems the problem goes away however this document is to exclaim that after countless times working through this issue there's never been a setting a configuration we can change to affect when these host based batches settle.

    If batches are settling once an hour, again, this is not a function we can control.  Our understanding is that the wrong First Data equipment type has been selected inside First Data's back-end systems.
·  The merchant file needs to be ported directly to Rapid Connect·  Merchant detail overflow needs to be enabled for EMV·  Equipment type must be PAXBROADPOSPAY1.0SMSDWRC (not SMS, but SMSDWRC)·  The Datawire file needs to be set for Datawire SRS: Self-Registration

    If you require help with the frequency or time of your batch settlements First Data's technical team can help.  If you're speaking to representatives at Wells Fargo or Bank of America, we'd strongly suggest getting in touch with First Data directly as Wells and BOA are both simply resellers of First Data's product and FD will be more knowledgeable typically.  Additionally, our experience is that First Data's level 1 technical support is not aware of how to make the needed adjustments and you may need to escalate the issue to their 2nd level support before you'll get a favorable response.

    Again, we have many customers using First Data for credit card processing and occasionally there's an issue with when batches are settling,  In every one of these instances RITE has never had control over the batch settlement process and the resolution has always, ultimately been on First Data's side.