These are the standard settings to provide or verify with your processor when setting up a PAX Payment Terminal not hosted by RITE. This applies to the following devices:

  • S300 
  • PX5
  • PX7


  1. Switch your Payment Terminal on. Make sure that the screen shows the normal payment screen and NOT the BroadPOS Menu Screen. If it's showing the BroadPOS Menu screen, this means that the application is not installed yet. 
  2. Please contact your processor and ask them to install the application before proceeding. You may need to power cycle the terminal once the processor verifies that the application is ready for download and installation.
  3. Once the application is installed, verify that the following Communication configurations are in place:

Field NameValue
Protocol TypeTCP/IP

See the below image for additional reference:

4. On Misc tab, EMV Signature capture and Signature with Cancel Button are both Enabled.