You are starting your Cloud Retailer POS and you see a window pop up stating that is "Running Network Scan" and then this message comes up.


  1. Click on the "click here" button
  2. This will give you a list of PAX terminals that your POS sees

  3. If there are no terminals on the list, contact Cloud Retailer Support.
  4. Before you chose any of the options, look at the serial number(s) (SN:) on the list.  Compare it to the serial number of the terminal at your POS.  This will either be on the bottom of the terminal or on a label on either side of the terminal.  If you can't find the serial number, contact Cloud Retailer Support.
  5. If the serial number does match one on the list, choose that terminal or contact Cloud Retailer Support.

Failure to follow these steps will result in your POS connecting to a terminal at another POS.